Will FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Damage Your Existing Hair?

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Hair loss can be a genetic trait passed down through family generations. It can also be a by-product of fluctuating hormones, aging, and even a side effect of some medical conditions or medications. People can also experience unusual hair loss due to a stressful or traumatic event. Hair loss or thinning hair is a common concern among Little Rock, AR women and men. While many individuals learn to live with it, countless adults find it difficult to accept the idea that they are losing their hair. However, there have been revolutionary advancements in hair restoration procedures, and FUE/FUT hair transplant treatments have redefined how adults restore hair loss and achieve stunning, natural-looking results.

Board-certified physician Dr. Salman Hashmi and the dedicated team at Nirvana Med Spa in Little Rock, AR, understand how embarrassing bald spots, thinning hair, and hair loss can be. Dr. Hashmi is a well-known expert in FUE/FUT hair transplant treatments at our state-of-the-art aesthetic center. This blog takes a closer look at the FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair restoration technique, how it works, and how your existing hair follicles may or may not be affected.

How do FUE/FUT hair transplant treatments work?

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the latest in grafting technology and is more minimally invasive. First, micro-sized hole punches are made in the donor site to remove individual hair follicles. Once each hair strand is prepared, the target area is numbed, and they are transplanted one by one into tiny slits or holes. A follicular unit strip (FUT) is when an incision is made to the back of the scalp so that grafts of hair can be removed from a donor section. The extracted strips of hair are then divided into tiny grafts and placed onto the target site.

Will my existing hair follicles be damaged?

Since the 1950s, hair restoration procedures have helped countless adults, mainly men, overcome the issue of pattern baldness, thinning hair, or hair loss. However, hair restoration techniques have come a long way in the last decades. As a result, getting "hair plugs" or wearing a toupee to hide a bald spot or receding hairline are things of the past. At Nirvana Med Spa, we are excited to offer the latest hair restoration treatments to patients in the Little Rock, AR, area. The FUE hair restoration technique is a popular choice and works by extracting individual hair follicle units from a donor site on the scalp. With a specially designed hair follicle extraction tool, it provides more accurate results, so surrounding hair shafts are not damaged during the process. As a result, patients achieve more successful results with minimal scarring.

Are there any FUE hair transplant side effects?

A common question often asked by patients is, "Will a hair transplant procedure destroy my existing hair?" While it won't destroy existing hair follicles, it can temporarily "shock" any existing hair in the recipient areas. Placing donor grafts in the new location will alter the circulation in the scalp area, thus causing some hair follicles in the area to fall out. A person's hair is naturally cyclical. In other words, hair is constantly growing, shedding, then regrowing. With FUE/FUT hair transplant treatments, the scalp area can become "stressed," and any existing hair follicles in the growing stage may prematurely shed off. However, any healthy hair follicles that do fall out during the hair transplant recovery time will grow back.

Are you considering a hair transplant procedure in Little Rock, AR?

When performed by an experienced hair restoration expert, follicular unit extraction procedures have a higher success rate when compared to other techniques. Dr. Hashmi will strategically place each harvested hair follicle to create optimal results. He will also emulate a person's natural growth pattern in the balding or thinning areas to give each patient fuller, thicker, more natural-looking hair restoration results. During a thorough consultation, Dr. Hashmi will determine the right course of action and which method will work best to achieve your cosmetic goals. To learn more about hair transplant treatments performed at Nirvana Med Spa, contact our office in Little Rock, AR to schedule a consultation with board-certified physician Dr. Salman Hashmi today.

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