Nirvana Med Spa in Little Rock, AR - Frequently Asked Questions


How long do I have to be out of the sun before a laser treatment?


It is crucial that you do not have unprotected sun exposure to the area being treated at least 2 weeks before your treatment to prevent blister or permanent hyperpigmentation.


Do I have to shave before my laser hair reduction treatments?


Shaving is required before performing laser hair removal. In order for the laser to penatrate down into the hair follicle and bulb, the hair must be shaven at the base of the skin (epidermis layer)


How many laser hair reduction sessions do I need?


We recommend at least six treatments. The laser is highly attracted to dark and coarse hair. The more thin and fine your hair is, the harder it is for the laser to pick up on the pigment which could require more than six treatments. A consultation is required before treatments to insure your a good candidate for laser hair reduction. You can call our Little Rock office to set up this free consultation.


Can I wax and pluck my hair in between laser hair reduction treatments?


Waxing and plucking is not recommended in order to achieve the best results. You must go without waxing or plucking at least 3 weeks before your laser treatment to insure your hair follicle is in the proper growth phase for your laser treatment.


What is an IPL laser treatment?


IPL stands for (Intense Pulsed Light). This laser is designed to target hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries, and minimize melasma or rosacea. It also stimulates collagen growth along with minimizing pores and kills the bacteria in acne.


What is fat cavitation?


This procedure is a three step process designed to break up fat cells and send them through your lymphatic system where your body will detox the cells through urination or sweat. Drinking a lot of water is recommended to help flush the cells and to prevent dehydration.


Can a fat cavitation treatment have side effects?


Fat cavitation can have minimal side effects including bruising, mild swelling in the treated area, and soreness.


What is a hydrofacial?


This facial is top of the line rejuvenation for the face. We start with a water infused microdermabrasion and pair it with a Microderm exfoliating scrub. Next, we infuse the skin with a nice and relaxing face mask that smells amazing!! We then apply a glycolic peel that penetrates deep into the pores to help clean and refine. This facial finishes with medical grade serums and radio frequency skin tightening.


Can I get an IPL after having cosmetic injections?


It is required that you wait at least 2-3 weeks after any type of botox or filler injections.


Please reach out the Nirvana Med Spa team if you have further questions about our procedures. You can fill out the contact-us form or call our Little Rock, AR office at 501-382-7415.