Do You Have Erectile Dysfunction? Know the Signs

Dr. Salman Hashmi | 09/16/2020

Erectile dysfunction leads to performance issues and low libido. By knowing the signs, you can talk with your doctor and get started on treatment.


What is the Difference Between An FUE and FUT Hair Transplant?

Dr. Salman Hashmi | 09/09/2020

Do you have thinning hair or a receding hairline? Learn the difference between FUE and FUT hair loss treatments to achieve a fuller head of hair.


How Many Sclerotherapy Treatments Are Needed to Get Rid of Veins?

Dr. Salman Hashmi | 08/26/2020

Sclerotherapy is a noninvasive procedure used to get rid of spider veins. See how many treatments are required for removal of unsightly veins.


What Is The Recovery Time From A Thread Lift?

Dr. Salman Hashmi | 08/19/2020

Learn what to expect from PDO thread lift recovery, including how long it may take and what the dos and don’ts after thread lift include.


Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Treated With PRP Therapy?

Dr. Salman Hashmi | 08/12/2020

Are you tired of taking pill after pill for your sexual dysfunction without ever getting the results you want? PRP therapy may be a better solution.


How Long Does A Hair Transplant Last?

Dr. Salman Hashmi | 08/05/2020

A helpful guide on everything you need to know about FUE and FUT hair restoration, including what results you can expect and how long they may last.


What Are The Side Effects To Sclerotherapy?

Dr. Salman Hashmi | 07/28/2020

Get the smooth, clear, gorgeous skin you’ve always wanted with sclerotherapy, a minimally invasive spider vein treatment with few side effects.


Facial Concerns Addressed by PDO Threading

Dr. Salman Hashmi | 07/21/2020

If you struggle with lines and wrinkles around the jowls and nasolabial folds, a thread lift or PDO lift can lift and rejuvenate your appearance.


How Does Cell Regeneration Therapy Help With ED?

Dr. Salman Hashmi | 07/14/2020

Erectile dysfunction is caused by damaged blood vessels that hinder blood flow. Learn about cell regeneration treatment to repair the tissue.


How Soon Will I See Results From a Hair Transplant?

Dr. Salman Hashmi | 07/07/2020

Discover the life-changing benefits of follicular unit extraction hair restoration, and learn how soon you may be able to enjoy your new look.


What Happens to Veins After Sclerotherapy Treatment

Dr. Salman Hashmi | 06/24/2020

Worried about unsightly spider veins on your body or legs? Learn about the benefits of sclerotherapy vein removal to make your skin clear once again.


How PDO Threading Reduces the Signs of Aging Without Surgery

Dr. Salman Hashmi | 06/17/2020

What is a thread lift and how does it work? Discover the benefits of this alternative to facelift surgery. Reduce signs of aging in the face and more.


What Are the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

Dr. Salman Hashmi | 06/10/2020

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common problems men experience. Learn what causes erectile dysfunction and different ED treatment options.


Six Questions About Hair Restoration Treatments Answered

Dr. Salman Hashmi | 06/03/2020

Do you struggle with thinning or balding areas on your head? Discover the advantages of FUE and FUT as a hair restoration treatment in Little Rock.


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