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what is Cell Regeneration Therapy?

At first, physicians use cell regeneration therapy to help patients with post-operative recovery, which reduced pain and improved healing. However, with recent medical advancements, doctors now use cell regeneration therapy to help with other conditions. At Nirvana Med Spa in Little Rock, AR, our expert physicians use regenerative cell injections to treat multiple medical problems. If you experience erectile dysfunction, arthritis, and/or hair loss, we encourage you to call us to learn more about cell regeneration therapy and to schedule a private appointment. Our compassionate doctors will discuss the benefits of this treatment and how it can help you.

What Are the Benefits of Cell Regeneration Therapy?

A groundbreaking development in modern medicine, cell regeneration therapy performed at Nirvana Med Spa is a treatment that can address a wide array of conditions with simple cell injections. This treatment is revolutionizing how we approach healing and disease management. Its potential to help repair damaged tissues, rejuvenate aging cells, and restore bodily functions has generated a number of key benefits at our Little Rock, AR office, including:

  • Recovery from injuries and/or joint and muscle pain
  • More natural, efficient healing aligned with the body's innate capabilities
  • Potential to treat erectile dysfunction and decreased libido
  • Safe and minimally invasive injections
  • Reduces inflammation, which is a root cause of many chronic diseases
  • An alternative to pharmaceuticals and surgeries
  • Naturally produced cells are used for the injections
  • Provides an enhanced immune response
  • Improves quality of life
  • No downtime, no side effects, and minimal pain

am i a candidate for cell regeneration therapy?

Cell regeneration therapy is ideal for candidates who suffer from multiple medical issues including erectile dysfunction, pain in joints from arthritis, tendonitis, tears/etc., is caused by numerous factors, including aging, stress, high blood pressure, heart disease, high blood sugar, or as a side effect of prostate surgery. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction could benefit from cell regeneration therapy. With cell regeneration treatment, the regenerative cells help restore and create new healthy cells within the impacted tissue. Because we inject the cells directly into the tissue, it can internally treat the damaged cells, and the procedure tends to work better than over-the-counter medicine. Generally, medications only treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and not the underlying cause.

how is cell regeneration therapy performed?

After your consultation, we will perform the procedure in one of our private treatment rooms. At the beginning of your procedure, the doctor will explain the entire procedure in detail and then will numb the region where the injection will be given. Next, we inject the cells in the specific areas of the body such as the hip, knee, elbow, and shoulder joints in case of arthritis/tendonitis/tears and erectile tissue or corpus cavernosum in the case of erectile dysfunction. Then we inject the cells into the specific areas of the erectile tissue or corpus cavernosum. Cell regeneration injections take about three hours to finish and are completed on-site at our state-of-the-art office. If you feel anxious or concerned about pain or discomfort, you can request nitrous oxide to help you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

when do you see results from cell regeneration therapy?

If we use no sedation, patients can resume their day-to-day routine. Before your treatment, our physicians will discuss what to expect after your cell regeneration therapy. Additionally, we may suggest other types of treatments to help you enhance and attain your goals. To maintain your results, patients could need follow-up appointments. During your consultation, we will provide detailed information about the number of follow-up sessions you need and when to schedule them. Because it takes time for the viable cells to regenerate and replace impaired cells, you may not see results until after a few weeks. Over time, you should start to experience more noticeable results.

Cell regeneration therapy FAQs

Does cell regeneration therapy hurt?
There is not much pain associated with cell regeneration therapy because we use numbing medications. You may feel a slight pressure as the needle is inserted, but this is generally well tolerated. Please inform our team if you have a low pain tolerance so we can adjust our approach accordingly. We also offer nitrous oxide to help keep patients calm and pain-free during treatment.

How do you prepare for cell regeneration therapy?
Nirvana Med Spa will provide specific instructions on how to prepare for your appointment, depending on your treatment plan. For example, we may recommend avoiding blood thinning medications as these can cause excessive bruising or bleeding. Patients are also encouraged to stay hydrated by drinking water and eating a healthy meal prior to cell regeneration therapy.

Is cell regeneration therapy safe?
Yes, cell regeneration therapy is an effective option for many patients. Our team of providers in Little Rock, AR, takes every precaution to ensure patients are comfortable and safe throughout their treatment. We will carefully review your medical history and health background to determine whether cell regeneration therapy is right for your needs at this time.

Is there a period of recovery after cell regeneration therapy?
You should be able to return to your normal daily activities following your cell regeneration treatment. You may have some slight soreness around the injection site, but this should subside over time. Our team will also provide the necessary aftercare instructions to ensure your best results.

How long does it take for cell regeneration therapy to work?
It may take a few weeks for you to notice the full results from your cell regeneration treatment. Results will continue to develop over time. Additionally, follow-up treatments are available to help maintain your optimal outcome.

Are there alternatives to cell regeneration therapy?
Yes, traditional treatments for sexual dysfunction and joint/muscle pain can include medications, physical therapy, and surgery. However, these options may not be suitable or effective for everyone, which is where innovative treatments like cell regeneration therapy are very beneficial to a significant number of people.

Is cell regeneration therapy a permanent solution?
The goal of cell regeneration therapy is to promote healing and alleviate symptoms, but it's not always a permanent solution. Its effectiveness can vary based on the patient's condition and overall health. Further treatments might be required depending on individual response.

What's the difference between stem cells and growth factors?
Stem cells are undifferentiated cells capable of developing into different types of cells. Growth factors are proteins that regulate cell division and differentiation, stimulating healing and regeneration. Both play crucial roles in cell regeneration therapy.

Regain your performance and confidence

Learn how you can improve your self-confidence, increase your libido, and enhance your sexual performance with cell regeneration injections. Don’t let erectile dysfunction hinder your life. Our physicians proudly provide this innovative and natural treatment option to men who experience erectile dysfunction. Please call our Little Rock, AR office to learn more about cell regeneration treatments for erectile dysfunction and joint pains and how they could be the solution to your problems.

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