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In this video discusses everything you need to know about Nirvana Med Spa and what makes them so special.


Speaker 1: Welcome to Nirvana Med Spa, Little Rock's premier destination for everything aesthetics and beauty.

Ann Pockrus: Here at Nirvana Med Spa, we offer a variety of services. There's so many, I couldn't list them all at once. But here's just a rundown of the few things that we offer. So we do everything from Botox to dermal fillers, lots of treatments with the latest PRP, faceless, neck lips, microneedling, vaginal rejuvenation. We do problems for intimacy with male and female, and you can do some body contouring if there's some areas of problems with that. If you want a little fat reduction or just some skin tightening. We also offer massage therapy. We have manicure, pedicure. You can get your hair done. It's really a one-stop shop for anything facial or body that you'd like to have done.

Dixie: I love coming into Nirvana Med Spa. The staff is wonderful. They treat you so nice. I'm just comfortable being here.

Sarah: I'm a client here at Nirvana and I come in at least once a month to have my procedures done. I love it because I'm very busy in sales and I can get in and out and there's no downtime. The staff at Nirvana Med Spa will make me feel very comfortable even in those sensitive areas.

Bobby: I love coming into Nirvana Med Spa. The staff here is great. They have all the services I need. You can get hair removal or a massage. You can just run right in and get these services done and be out in a time efficient manner. Having the laser hair removal, it's awesome. I won't have to shave every day.

Dr. Abeer Hashmi: We are so proud of our staff. We hand pick them. They are amazing at what they do. They're very sociable with our clientele. They make everyone fun feel like family.

Dixie: As a woman, we tend to take care of everybody else, not ourselves. But I learned in nursing school, you can't take care of someone else if you don't take care of yourself.

Dr. Abeer Hashmi: Here at Nirvana Med Spa, I provide a number of services that include weight management. I operate the lasers for hair removal or skin rejuvenation, photofacials, wrinkles, age spots, and many more things. I really love doing aesthetics because I think it makes a big difference in the life of people, really makes them feel the best they can.

Dr. Salman Hashmi: At Nirvana Med Spa, I provide hair rejuvenation with PRP and regenerative cells. I also provide PRP treatment for face as well as sexual issues like erectile dysfunction. We are one of the very few locations in the state of Arkansas that provides hair transplant surgery, because I believe when a man looks good, he should also be able to perform good. So ladies, bring your man in here and I'll make sure that he looks and performs well.

Dr. Abeer Hashmi: We do individualized diet plans, which include either low calorie or very low calorie diet plans. We do prescription medicines. We do fat dissolving injections. Then I help them with supplements to make sure they're getting all the nutrition. And as they keep on losing weight, then we add on body contouring and microcurrent for skin tightening. I've helped people lose just five to 10 pounds. But on the other hand, I've helped people lose up to 60 pounds and get them off their blood pressure medication, their diabetes medication, a great improvement in their overall health. Just really passionate about that.

Ann Pockrus: You can actually see better results by doing multiple treatments at a lower price. So we love to set up package deals, whether it's body contouring, laser hair removal, other laser procedures, facial procedures, you name it. We can set up a personalized plan for you to make it affordable and for you to see more results for what you want to achieve.

Dixie: I would recommend Nirvana Med Spa to anyone, all my friends, because they are so good here, they offer so many services that we can use to make ourself feel better about ourselves. And that's important.

Sarah: I recommend Nirvana to everyone because I know when family and friends come here, they will be in good hands.

Bobby: I love Nirvana Med Spa.

Ann Pockrus: I can't wait to see you at Nirvana Med Spa.

Speaker 1: So come see us today. We want to help you achieve your nirvana.